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Vol.85 Num.3

July - September,
Volume 85, Number 3

Review article:

Salma A. Rizo-Téllez, Lucía A. Méndez-García, Galileo Escobedo

Liver biomarkers for prognosis in COVID-19

Clinical case:

Mariana Juárez, Manuel A. Leal, Fausto M. Coronel, Lino E. Cardiel

Uterine artery embolization prior to hysterectomy as a prevention of the risk of hemorrhage

Julio Á. Barajas-Puga, Elia A. Lira-Álvarez, Luis G. Montañez-Sosa, Bertha Berthaúd-González

Disseminated peritoneal leiomyomatosis. A rare disease with a difficult diagnosis

Miguel A. Sierra-Juárez, Misael Sánchez-Tamariz, Artemisa Castañeda-Morales

Pseudoaneurysm with risk of imminent rupture in Jehovah’s Witness patient

Case study:

Raúl Romero-Cabello, Mario A. Rodríguez-León, Edgar Álvarez-Trejo

Microbial abscesses in the posterior neck region in a decompensated diabetic patient

Short communication: